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a love letter

when telling a story, establishing the setting is essential. although i often forget the content or ‘message’ of a story, i can always remember details about the setting. for instance, i can still see the immense, riverbed rocks that Henri collected for the abbey of genesee’s new chapel. likewise i can see the misshapen roof in ted cole’s squash court and can hear the wind rustling through the corn fields that framed the ball fields of the iowa baseball confederacy. all of this to say that i love our current setting. if you’ll indulge me for a moment, i would like to share a few things i love about our setting.

  • i love living in the little, unfinished condo at the top of the hill that is judson street. i love that i cannot look around the house without seeing the handiwork of the defranza’s and my father. i love that when i look out my screen door i see the ancient brick of the majestic, marquee laden cabot cinema. i love that most of my friends live within walking distance (i also love making fun of my friends when they are too lazy to walk).
  • i love that when a plane touches down at logan international, i feel like i’m at home. if i land at any other airport, including manchester, new hampshire but excluding tulsa, ok, i do not feel as comfortable, nor exhale a sigh of relief. there is nothing better than landing at logan in the summer. coming over the harbor, which is accented by little white sails, looking over at our unique clock tower and the pru, straining to catch a glimpse of the citgo sign…there’s nothing like it.
  • i love that massachusetts is a book lover’s paradise. from the palatial boston public library, which has a reading room that takes your breath away, to the independent booksellers like jabberwocky’s in newburyport, the boston area does books right.
  • i love the gravity and solemnity that characterizes the new england shoreline. our beaches are the perfect setting for long walks, writing poor, melancholic poetry and engaging in trenchant, uncensored prayer. even on the hottest summer days you don’t get the dirty, MTV spring break feeling when you go to the beach. there are no hordes of multi-colored beach balls, drunken, half-naked coeds of half-hearted volleyball games to be seen. our beaches are too serene, and almost too serious, to invite such trifling pursuits
  • i love that i live in the best baseball town in america. i’m a cardinal fan, so for a long time that truth was hard to admit, but there is nothing like following the red sox in the boston area. for instance, these fans are so passionate that while they’re uncontrollably ecstatic about the sox vanquishing the yankees (which prompted a gentle edict from our management, reminding us that work is a good thing), they’re still level-headed enough to realize that after the seventh-inning pedro debacle francona should be fired. i’ve never been surrounded by more intelligent, passionate and critical baseball fans in my life. i absolutely love it!

i am beginning to realize that if i did not live in this setting, i might have trouble understanding who i am. that’s enough romantic sentiment for now. ignoring work because of blogging will not be taken as lightly as ignoring it on account of the sox.


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