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failed reality show pilots

on the border: cameras record the pitfalls and pratfalls of mexican immigrants as they struggle to make it to america. the show’s host is chuck norris, fresh from walker, texas ranger and the tagline is “america the beautiful! are you in or are you out?”

the emergent makeover: viewers watch as graduates from evangelical seminaries try to establish emergent ministries in traditional churches. segments include:

  • fashion: contestants decide what color to dye their hair, struggle to grow goatees and agonize over which body part to pierce
  • theology: contestants try to find the one t.v. show, movie or music artist that will serve as a perfect illustration of the gospel. by the end of the show each contestant must publish a relevant book that is entitled: the gospel according to _______. as viewers quickly realize, filling in the blank is more difficult than it looks.
  • liturgy: contestants struggle to develop the most creative worship experience. will they rent laser tag equipment and turn the gymnasium of generic community church into an arena for a lesson on spiritual warfare? will a skydiving adventure take ‘trust falls’ to an entirely new level? in order to teach compassion will the members of the community live on the front lawn of generic community church for a whole week with nothing but refrigerator boxes to call home?

have you heard of any intriguing, reality show pilots that didn’t make the cut? if so, feel free to share.


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