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the beverly blotter

on saturday night our karoke queen and condo-mate anita brought down the the beverly citizen. the citizen is a weekly paper that reads like it was written by twelve year olds. thus, it is a constant source of entertainment.

this week we found the police blotter particularly entertaining. thus, following in the tradition of my favorite doctor, i am providing my own top five.

Top Five Entries in the Beverly Blotter:

1. Monday, November 22. “2:36 a.m. Police received a report that a person was sitting in a vehicle for 30 minutes on Essex Street.”

2. “8:30 p.m. Youths reported near a Brimbal Avenue fence.”

3. Tuesday, November 23. “11:17 p.m. A Thompson Road resident reported that he thought someone was in his home.”

4. Wednesday, November 24. “11:16 p.m. A juvenile was throwing furniture on Kernwood Avenue.”

5. Thursday, November 25. “12:59 a.m. An unknown vehicle reportedly pulled into a driveway on Trask Street.”

Honorable Mention:

Friday, November 26. “3:26 p.m. Police received a report that a man with a gun shot a rat on Park Street.”

“8:43 p.m. A Littleton resident reported that she lost a black fanny pack.”


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