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name that title!

in my work at the large consumer-driven christian company i sometimes come across christian books with titles that are often odd and sometimes scandalous. today i have compiled a list of eight of these titles. your job, dear reader, is to distinguish the titles that were actually published from the titles that were produced by my original-sin stained mind. two of these titles were actually published. which ones were they?

without further adieu, the titles:

learning to love like lot’s daughters

david and bubblebath-sheba

solomon speaks out on monogamy

from pimp to promise-keeper: the life of Abraham

jeremiah eats it

john the baptist: wet and wild

fatty fall down: the life and times of eli the high priest

from whore to holy: the adventures of mary magdalene

please note: the winner of this contest will not receive a cash prize, copies of the actual titles or even “brownie points.” however, upon request, the winner can, upon request, receive a flaming bag that will be delivered directly to his or her porch. please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. employees of the large consumer-christian company may not enter this contest. void where prohibited.


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