In Uncategorized on January 19, 2005 at 1:11 am

a tale of two deliveries

everyone loves mail. whether you’re an eight year old waiting for a hot (birthday) check from grandma or you’re compulsively stalking the campus mail room to see if your criterion edition of the royal tennenbaums has finally arrived from amazon, you’ve got to love the sight of a full mailbox, the request to sign for a delivery and the inexplicable joy of bubble wrap.

i only mention this because earlier today a member of our mail team interrupted my work to have me sign for a package. over the past couple of days i have seen rhys sign for packages that held scintillating titles like jonathan edwards: a life, God’s politics and calvinism in the las vegas airport, so i as my eager fingers ripped open the manilla envelope i was awash with expectation.

the eagerly awaited result: a pre-publication copy of christian wisdom of the jedi masters. although i know that according to the code a jedi is not to show emotion, I was pissed.


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