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back by popular demand: name that title

first our women cut their hair, then children were allowed unfettered access to the TV and now ministers of God throughout the land are regularly filling their sermons with clips from secular movies. my friends, immoral decisions such as these have led us down the slippery, slippery slope to a sex-obsessed, lewd form of christianity.

the clearest evidence of the pitiful state we are in, which i like to refer to as sex-vangelicalism, is the way our own publishing houses are using nudity to sell christian books. please take a look at this list of sex-vangelical titles that have been published in the last year. to show you how difficult it is to separate the wheat from the chaff, i, along with the board of deacons have inserted three titles that have yet to be published. see if you can separate the unpublished wheat from the sex-vangelical chaff!

don’t date naked

naked fruit: getting honest about the fruit of the spirit

buck naked faith: a brutally honest look at stunted spirituality

naked and not ashamed

adventures in naked faith

naked worship: dancing before the Lord like King David

generation sex: exposing the full frontal assault on american innocence

praying naked

naked parish priest

get naked: honest and authentic worship

naked christian: taking off religion to find true relationship

naked date: 10 evenings that will fan the flame of your marriage

please have your answers in before tomorrow night’s tent revival. people who use google, or amazon’thewhoreofbabylon’.com to find answers will be considered both communists and liberals.


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