In Uncategorized on February 2, 2005 at 1:37 pm

odd encounter of the week

on monday i shuffled up to the short urinal, dropped the fly and prepared to go about my business. i casually noticed that the office extrovert was standing in the slot next to me, but didn’t pay him much attention. i realize that some people cannot help but communicate while relieving themselves or dropping a deuce, but i’m not one of them. from my perspective, those moments are slivers of solitude which are not to be interrupted.

of course, the extrovert thought differently. instead of respecting my solitude by keeping his eyes front and center or slightly pointed towards the ceiling, he interrupted my moment with manic eyes and said, “i can’t believe that in five weeks i’m going to be a daddy!” though i mumbled some consonant of affirmation, in my mind i was thinking, “what do you want me to do fella? shake your hand?”


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