In Uncategorized on February 3, 2005 at 6:10 pm

Breaking News from the Christian Booksellers Association Expo!

Tino Wallenda got Expo visitors to lift their sights literally and figuratively when he performed a highwire walk under the roof of the Opryland Convention Center. Some 70 feet above the hotel’s food-court island, he crossed without a safety net, stopping on the traverse to kneel, complete a headstand and share his faith in Christ with the crowd below.

Speaking by lapel microphone as he held his balancing bar, the veteran member of the famous Flying Wallendas spoke about his dangerous act, which he said reminded people “how fragile life is.” Pausing on the wire before stepping to safety on the far side, Wallenda invited watchers to “make a new step into eternity, simply by acknowledging we have all missed the mark,” inviting them to pray to receive Christ there and then.

Back down to earth, Wallenda appeared at the Bridge-Logos booth in the Expo hall to promote his new book, Walking the Straight and Narrow: Lessons in Faith from the Highwire.

talk about extreme evangelism! our good friend bill will be so proud!


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