In Uncategorized on February 9, 2005 at 8:18 pm

memorandum from captain random:

oooh! navy seals! earlier today our middle-aged courier walked right by rhys’ today and brought a fed-x package to me. as i signed for the package, i cautioned myself not to get too excited since the book would probably be another copy of broken on the back pew by sandi patty or the christian spirituality of the smurfs. thus, you can imagine my surprise when i found a pre-publication copy of brian mclaren’s the last word and the word after that inside. i guess even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes.

wondering… what denomination dizzy will affiliate with. on two of our three daily walks we play a little game that i like to call shit on the church sidewalk. the point of the game is to determine which denomination dizzy will affiliate with. at this point we are well into our third week of competition and we have determined that dizzy is not a unitarian, since she shits in front of their church frequently, nor is she a catholic, since she loves to shit in front of saint mary star of the sea’s elementary school (much to the delight of the children). thus, she has reduced her options to the following denominations: american baptist, presbyterian church u.s.a. or the conservative congregational conference. i’m betting on the baptists and am terribly excited to see her decide which parlor in heaven she will frequent.

listening… to patty griffin and ani difranco, whom have recently partnered with frances mcdormand to form the trinity of famous women to whom I am attracted. weird, huh?


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