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memorandum from captain random

concerning bill

“she told her friends i’d come to her on some noble steed, ah but it wasn’t anything like that. maybe empty handed and full of need, but at least i’m good for a laugh.” ~bill mallonee, sweetness and light

if you read this blog, or if i comment on yours, you know that i have a deep appreciation for people who are willing to “open a vein” or share their lifeblood with others. bill’s willingness to open a vein has forced me to reckon with the falleness of my being and listen to the God who calls me his beloved. i have little doubt that his music will provoke you as well. if you live in the area, please take the time to come listen to this musical provocateur.

bill mallonee will be playing “the cave” (located in the museum place mall) on february 21 in salem, massachusetts. the show starts at 6:30 pm and the cover is only 3 bucks.

As of now two opening acts are scheduled for 6:30pm Asher Melodic and Elijah Wyman. Bill will begin at 8pm.

A map and driving directions are included below. Hope to see you there!

For Driving Directions to the Museum Place Mall (where “The Cave” is located) click Here

if you have questions about the show, feel free to comment or shoot me an email at

culled from the wreckage of
lately i’ve been working on a project that has required me to spend an inordinate amount of time researching the archives of although i’ve run across a lot of schlock about christians having sex in the kitchen and have seen far too many pieces that are little more than thinly veiled propaganda for the republican party, once in a while i have run across something worth reading. this classic interview with henri nouwen and richard foster is definitely worth a read.

lenten resources
just in case you were confused, the people that were wearing ashes on their forhead last wednesday weren’t trying to make a fashion statement, but were celebrating the beginning of lent. lent is not only a season in which christians not only forego coffee, alcohol and watermelon, it is also a season in which we commit ourselves to diligently reading, reflecting and meditating upon God’s Word. if you find the scriptures difficult to read or are a visual learner, you might find the BrickTestament to be a helpful resource. furthermore, if, due to inordinate amounts of alcohol or midnight movies, you find it difficult to attend the church of your choice, feel free to worship online at the Abston Church of Christ.

in case you were wondering, with the final post I do not intend to be either snide or sacrilegious. rather, the simple intent is to compel laughter.


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