In Uncategorized on March 2, 2005 at 6:02 pm

memorandum from captain random:

apparently i have a (not so) secret admirer. after years of longing for my sweet love m.s. laird has finally made her affection public. if i only wasn’t married, sweet mary sue, if only i wasn’t married. mary sue opens her heart at

ever since i equated the current tumult at calvary church in charlotte (where my good friend and s & s alumnus jon wise works) with an inquisition, scenes and songs from mel brooks’ history of the world, part I have been rattling ’round in my head. if you know it, sing along with me, “the inquisition, isn’t it exciting?” (by the way, if any of the inquisitors from calvary have migrated over to this blog, please know that i am prone to say fuck, shit, damn, asshole, hell, postmodern, westwinds, paul allen and emergent. moreover, i am not interested in exalting rational argumentation, i like to speak of inspiration instead of innerancy, i am a rabid supporter of the separation between church and state and i don’t read norman geisler’s books. thus, i am completely unclean and will make sure that the next time i visit calvary i vocally identify myself as such. i wouldn’t want any of y’all to get infected with what i have).

if you’re wondering “how much is that doggie in the window,” let me assure you that she is completely free. if you loved “pound puppies” and don’t mind finding shit on the floor, dizzy may be the dog for you! please, serious inquiries only.


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