In Uncategorized on March 14, 2005 at 9:47 pm

memorandum from captain random:

if the scourge of prostatitus has truly passed, why do i feel like i’m sitting on a golf ball?

books on tape are a panacea to dull workdays (recently completed: confederates in the attic and be cool. in answer to your question concerning the latter, yes. currently residing in the ghetto blaster: the hundred days by patrick o’brian).

leanne has been haunting our hood lately and, to be honest, i don’t mind. this is a bold statement coming from a man who does not like to open the circle of trust or expand his sidebar. but i get the feeling i might be doing both at some point in the near future.

dizzy is a mouthy little bitch. that’s all i got to say about that.

marrying an elf is the best thing i ever did. aragorn has yet to lead me astray.

you guys can have your “march madness” if you want, but please…keep your sweaty, gym rat shit out of april (the month in which they finally open the gates to the elysian fields).

i preached in class today. i’ve preached in front of bible college students and seminarians for six years and it still scares the shit out of me.

after i stopped trembling, i found a way to slip in a little narrative about the pimp-driven life into my sermon. how ’bout them apples?

i’ve been reading a lot of richard russo lately. can’t get enough of him. ditto lauren winner and stanley grenz.

congressional hearings on steriods?! in the midst of making sense of a budget that completely omits war spending, debating the future of social security, and considering whether or not to piss on the senate’s long standing tradition of honoring dissent through filibuster, they are going to spend hour upon hour discussing which syringe punctured who’s ass in what major league locker room! unbelievable. if you want to press criminal charges, empower the f.b.i. if you want to regulate baseball, lean on the owners. if you want to do govern well, do some real frickin’ work! yes, this means you, john mccain. okay, inhale, exhale. inhale, exhale. phew.


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