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happy haiku friday

in the warm, spring breeze

floated questions about God

i don’t have answers


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brian mclaren provides some intriguing, if underdeveloped, thoughts on church conflict. church leaders, as well as any friends and lurkers from pink church, might find this article beneficial.

kevin rains discusses vineyard central’s developing theology of leadership and discipleship. kevin is one of the leaders of vineyard central, which is a home church network in urban cincinnati. he, alongside miah, rick and others, was one of the provocateurs who helped give shape and substance to our vision of sinners and saints. kevin almost always has a good word to offer. don’t leave this stone unturned.

uncle cade posted a beautiful photo on dizzy dean’s blog.

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one of the reasons i love reading novel is that occasionally an author will suggest an interpretation of a biblical text that i have never thought of. usually these interpretations are not intended by the author, but their beauty and insights still shine through.

while i was standing in a non-descript parking lot this morning smoking a butt, i read the following passage from w.p. kinsella’s shoeless joe.

“i stare in awe at the acres of figures in front of me; to translate this situation to reality would be like trying to stuff a cloud into a suitcase.”

if there is a better interpretation of hebrews 11, i haven’t heard of it. although kinsella was talking about the 1919 black sox, this passage opened my eyes, so that i found myself starting at abraham, isaac and jacob, who were standing alongside more familiar figures like bob howard, alan taylor, grandma and uncle henri. let us stare in awe at the acres of people in front of us, friends, and be entranced by their faith and beauty.

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the return of…the beverly police log

monday, april 11

2:14 a.m. an essex street man complained of dermatitus

5:35 p.m. a man was taking photos on dodge street

10:21 p.m. barking was reported on chase street

tuesday, april 12

9:28 a.m. a broughton drive resident was being followed by a verizon truck

wednesday, april 13

12:22 a.m. a car was reportedly rolling without headlights on essex street

4:41 p.m. a bad smell was reported at beverly commons drive

thursday, april 14

5:50 p.m. a man holding a party behind a fountain on elliot street

9:13 p.m. a shortell avenue man was reportedly using power tools

sunday, april 17

12:36 a.m. an abbott street resident (may or may not have been named james) reported someone looking into his windows (irony of ironies…the peepers got peeped!)

11:41 a.m. an elderly woman was reportedly leaning against a pole on spring street

12:19 a.m. a cabot street resident threatened to injest medication

1:11 p.m. police responded to a report of two asian men sitting in a car

11:43 p.m. a person was reportedly in the trunk of a car on cabot street

suspected power tools, staggering elderly women and the first appearance of sinners and saints. it was a hell of a week folks. a hell of a week!

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saturday evening inspiration

“Sometimes you feel inadequate, because you are inadequate.”

Dr. Haddon Robinson, Harold John Ockengea Distinguished Professor of Preaching at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

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brushback pitches

pedro is going to win 22 games this year. and it isn’t going to mean a damn thing.

his last start aside, i am starting to question the wisdom of the mulder trade. i am slowly realizing that we traded a young tim hudson, and perhaps a neo-natal mike piazza, for an aging mulder. please forgive me, and my close friend walt jocketty, for being wrong on this one.

teams i would least like to face in the playoffs. if i’m the cardinals (and I am): florida, atlanta and houston. we haven’t seen pitching staffs of this quality and depth since the bravos of the early 90s. if i’m the red sox: minnesota, oakland and new york. the first two because of pitching, the third because of godzirra and his massive attack.

it appears that paul depodesta knows what he’s doin’. it’s time for the national media to cut him some frickin’ slack!

carlos zambrano is andujar reincarnate, wood doesn’t have a high enough iq to be an ace and prior is about as durable as nancy drew. even before nomah’s injury i knew that the cubs were in trouble.

terry francona’s a horrible tactician…but at least he’s one helluva nice guy! ortiz will finally win the MVP this season. could the curse of the bambino be replaced with the plague of the fever pitch? enough about the red sox.

in case you’re wondering, i’m still pissed that they named them the nationals.

feel free to add your thoughts.

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memorandum from captain random:

fact: if you are a little person (read: midget) with a penchant for acting you will never be unemployed.

i have decided to give up smoking…as soon as dizzy gives up nipping. a man needs accountability.

i can’t help but laugh my head when i read sentences like this: “the amazing love of God for me penetrated my heart in a new and deep way that night.” there are so many things that i could say about this sentence, but none of them are appropriate. so instead of being vulgar, i’m going to move on to the next chapter, “arousing adam.” john and stasi eldredge bring so much to the unintentional comedy table.

if you aren’t watching the office on tuesday nights, you’re missing out. us collard people love it!

alex took me to the sox game on tuesday to celebrate oklahoma land run day, earth day or my birthday. i can’t remember which. the convergence of these days makes celebrating my continued existence rather complicated. anyway, i enjoyed the fenway experience as always and was relieved that fever pitch has left nary a mark on the fenway faithful. our section was filled with interesting conversations about pitch counts, arguments about a certain player’s age and the liberal spiking of coca-cola. there was no evidence of either a conga line or an under accomplished comedian in section 13. that being said, we were not left without a big mouthed (i am tempted to say something else that wouldn’t be very nice) idiot in our section. when shea hillenbrand, a red sox product who was traded in 2003 for bk kim came up to bat she stood up and yelled “traitor.” when i reminded her that hillenbrand did not leave of his own volition, but was traded, she wittily retorted, “he’s still a traitor.” she needs to get her big…mouth back to the bleachers, where she belongs.

unfortunatery, there were no godzirra sightings at fenway.

you know you’re getting old when one of the kids in the middle school youth group you sponsored decides to up and get married.

in the last week the pixie agreed to let me put seats from busch stadium in the living room, watched the clemens/oswalt duel with me and bought a panoramic, framed photograph of busch stadium to commemorate land run day. did i mention that she wants to play strat-o-matic with me? i married the right girl. now, if i can only convince her that watching baseball and chewing red man golden blend are inextricably linked…

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yesterday i almost wrote a post about how frustrated i am with punctiliar (read: stop/start) models of conversion. my frustration is partially rooted in theology, but its primary impetus proceeds from my experience. i cannot point back to a single moment in time in which i was “saved,” but can, and do, tell stories about how the refreshing waters of the Spirit have slowly altered the riverbed of my soul. anyway, it’s a good thing that i left the post unwritten for wendell berry’s living analogy of restoration, as told to us by gordon macdonald, “shows” this truth much more powerfully than i could ever “tell” it. you can check out the gordon macdonald article, in which he also includes a kind word for brian mclaren, here.

this journal article, and the post on jamie’s blog have reminded me once again that i need to give macdonald a close read. as neal windham and rick would be quick to add, berry’s books deserve a place on my shelf as well.

ct has also featured a piece about the life of lonnie frisbee, one of the most intriguing early leaders of the calvary chapel and vineyard movements. you can check out that piece here. i am so glad that the three dimensional testimony of this sinner and saint is being told.

may the peace of Christ be with you on this beautiful (in new england at least) spring day.

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the unexpected sermon

late afternoon sun
  the dog is romping
  i am reading

eight year old voices
  and the metallic grind of scooters

feet on the window sill
  buechner sliding into a crescendo
  and then, and then

the dog tears the curtain
  an eight year old startled
  i am revealed

amen. i am revealed

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reasons to get up in the morning

the older i get, the earlier i rise. although this practice keeps me from exercising my spiritual gift (read: sleeping), i think it is more beneficial than not.

in order to provide self-motivation for the days i do not want to either rise or shine and in order to remind myself of the beauty of this exercise we call life, i decided to jot down a short list of reasons to get up in the morning.

1. prayer (i realize this sounds overly pious and “preacherish,” but i ain’t gonna lie)
2. npr’s morning edition
3. equal exchange coffee
4. west coast baseball scores
5. morning kisses from dizzy
6. morning kiss from kellie
7. trader joe’s rasberry preserves
8. seeing the sun rise over the packy (read: package store or local liquor merchant)
9. hot water and consistent pressure
10. my morning shit (i know, i know, but it’s my favorite shit of the day)
11. tom’s of maine, wintergreen flavor
12. looking for good words from friends (read: obsessively checking for blog updates)

that’s all for now. i’ll try to post something more meaningful tomorrow.

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