In Uncategorized on April 7, 2005 at 3:35 pm

memorandum from captain random:

kellie is going to make me see fever pitch. go ahead, laugh, i can handle it. i figure that submission in this instance will save me from later trips to see meaningless drivel like mona lisa smile and murder-in-law. i’ve heard that holli-brooke is hot to see the later. perhaps they can go together.

at least we won’t have to pay for this abusive adaptation of nick hornby’s work. we got free tickets for enduring sound problems during the previews for the upside of anger. i would give the latter three stars. fine performances, horrible plot twists. regarding the latter, let me be the first to say only southern children get stuck in abandoned wells.

while we were driving back from his grandfather’s interment, josh told us that the receptionist at the mortuary had died unexpectedly the day before. he then said that “apparently, she was the life of the place.” we about died.

funniest line of the week: “you had me at blood and semen.” ~peter la fleur in dodgeball. is there any end to the entertaining mutations of line?

if you are a fan of crash davis, you’ll love ball four by jim bouton. i hope that ron sheldon kicked some royalties bouton’s way. otherwise, sheldon is a shameless plagarist.

i’ve been surprised to find myself returning to a number of christian practices, such as morning devotions, that i once rejected. i think that there is a lot of value in the faith of our evangelical mothers and fathers (pronunciation note: evangelical, pronounced eh-van-gel-i-cal is code for acceptable, Evangelical, pronounced EEE-van-gel-i-cal, often with a southern twang, is code for unacceptable) passed down to us. once we deconstruct the guilt and manipulation with which such practices were foisted upon us, i think that many of us will return to them. a positive, corporate, illustration of this assertion is the way that evangelical, but not Evangelical, churches have been rediscovering the beauty of christian liturgy.

there’s twenty of them!


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