In Uncategorized on April 19, 2005 at 12:09 pm

reasons to get up in the morning

the older i get, the earlier i rise. although this practice keeps me from exercising my spiritual gift (read: sleeping), i think it is more beneficial than not.

in order to provide self-motivation for the days i do not want to either rise or shine and in order to remind myself of the beauty of this exercise we call life, i decided to jot down a short list of reasons to get up in the morning.

1. prayer (i realize this sounds overly pious and “preacherish,” but i ain’t gonna lie)
2. npr’s morning edition
3. equal exchange coffee
4. west coast baseball scores
5. morning kisses from dizzy
6. morning kiss from kellie
7. trader joe’s rasberry preserves
8. seeing the sun rise over the packy (read: package store or local liquor merchant)
9. hot water and consistent pressure
10. my morning shit (i know, i know, but it’s my favorite shit of the day)
11. tom’s of maine, wintergreen flavor
12. looking for good words from friends (read: obsessively checking for blog updates)

that’s all for now. i’ll try to post something more meaningful tomorrow.


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