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yesterday i almost wrote a post about how frustrated i am with punctiliar (read: stop/start) models of conversion. my frustration is partially rooted in theology, but its primary impetus proceeds from my experience. i cannot point back to a single moment in time in which i was “saved,” but can, and do, tell stories about how the refreshing waters of the Spirit have slowly altered the riverbed of my soul. anyway, it’s a good thing that i left the post unwritten for wendell berry’s living analogy of restoration, as told to us by gordon macdonald, “shows” this truth much more powerfully than i could ever “tell” it. you can check out the gordon macdonald article, in which he also includes a kind word for brian mclaren, here.

this journal article, and the post on jamie’s blog have reminded me once again that i need to give macdonald a close read. as neal windham and rick would be quick to add, berry’s books deserve a place on my shelf as well.

ct has also featured a piece about the life of lonnie frisbee, one of the most intriguing early leaders of the calvary chapel and vineyard movements. you can check out that piece here. i am so glad that the three dimensional testimony of this sinner and saint is being told.

may the peace of Christ be with you on this beautiful (in new england at least) spring day.


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