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memorandum from captain random:

fact: if you are a little person (read: midget) with a penchant for acting you will never be unemployed.

i have decided to give up smoking…as soon as dizzy gives up nipping. a man needs accountability.

i can’t help but laugh my head when i read sentences like this: “the amazing love of God for me penetrated my heart in a new and deep way that night.” there are so many things that i could say about this sentence, but none of them are appropriate. so instead of being vulgar, i’m going to move on to the next chapter, “arousing adam.” john and stasi eldredge bring so much to the unintentional comedy table.

if you aren’t watching the office on tuesday nights, you’re missing out. us collard people love it!

alex took me to the sox game on tuesday to celebrate oklahoma land run day, earth day or my birthday. i can’t remember which. the convergence of these days makes celebrating my continued existence rather complicated. anyway, i enjoyed the fenway experience as always and was relieved that fever pitch has left nary a mark on the fenway faithful. our section was filled with interesting conversations about pitch counts, arguments about a certain player’s age and the liberal spiking of coca-cola. there was no evidence of either a conga line or an under accomplished comedian in section 13. that being said, we were not left without a big mouthed (i am tempted to say something else that wouldn’t be very nice) idiot in our section. when shea hillenbrand, a red sox product who was traded in 2003 for bk kim came up to bat she stood up and yelled “traitor.” when i reminded her that hillenbrand did not leave of his own volition, but was traded, she wittily retorted, “he’s still a traitor.” she needs to get her big…mouth back to the bleachers, where she belongs.

unfortunatery, there were no godzirra sightings at fenway.

you know you’re getting old when one of the kids in the middle school youth group you sponsored decides to up and get married.

in the last week the pixie agreed to let me put seats from busch stadium in the living room, watched the clemens/oswalt duel with me and bought a panoramic, framed photograph of busch stadium to commemorate land run day. did i mention that she wants to play strat-o-matic with me? i married the right girl. now, if i can only convince her that watching baseball and chewing red man golden blend are inextricably linked…


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