In Uncategorized on April 25, 2005 at 1:15 pm


one of the reasons i love reading novel is that occasionally an author will suggest an interpretation of a biblical text that i have never thought of. usually these interpretations are not intended by the author, but their beauty and insights still shine through.

while i was standing in a non-descript parking lot this morning smoking a butt, i read the following passage from w.p. kinsella’s shoeless joe.

“i stare in awe at the acres of figures in front of me; to translate this situation to reality would be like trying to stuff a cloud into a suitcase.”

if there is a better interpretation of hebrews 11, i haven’t heard of it. although kinsella was talking about the 1919 black sox, this passage opened my eyes, so that i found myself starting at abraham, isaac and jacob, who were standing alongside more familiar figures like bob howard, alan taylor, grandma and uncle henri. let us stare in awe at the acres of people in front of us, friends, and be entranced by their faith and beauty.


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