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brushback pitches

  • the cardinals are 18-8, 10 games over .500 and sporting their best record at this point since 1948. and yes, i’m enjoying every minute of it.
  • i’ve been devouring 3 nights in august by buzz bissinger. the book chronicles a cubs/cardinals series in 2003 and provides an inside view to tony la russa’s approach to the game. bissinger provides: a good profile of tony (far superior to the picture george will provides in men at work), a few interesting bits about strategy (including a discussion of the merits of the hit-and-run) and clear, compelling prose. however, i am a little annoyed by the traditionalist bent of the book. on a number of occasions bissinger stops just short of condemning the moneyball/sabr analysis of and approach to the game and, misty eyed, constantly holds a torch for the idealized “baseball man” of the past. i think it is possible to appreciate baseball’s past (in fact, i consider myself a bit of a traditionalist), while still appreciating and incorporating more innovative approaches to the game. at several points, bissinger seems to ask “what hath walt jocketty to do with billy beane?” “everything,” is my terse response.
  • for real: the cardinals, braves, marlins and twinkies. not: the orioles (still a year away), white sox (pitching!) and texas (ibid).
  • the yankees are as bad as they look. here’s to hoping that george’s horse loses at the derby and the boss suffers a minor coronary before midseason.
  • jeff brantley is the new joe morgan
  • this just in from the big surprise department: kerry wood is on the dl. i’ve asked it before and i’ll ask it again: has any team ever done so little with so much talent? 37 is nothing. try 97!
  • bon voyage dave mccarty. he’s a helluva nice guy who had no place on a major league team.
  • the cardinals were robbed in atlanta last weekend by an umpire who is too timid to set his head over the inside corner and an odd interference play. unbelievable! that being said, it doesn’t get much better than watching cox and la russa try to out-fox one another for three games. thanks tbs!
  • write it down: i’m getting mlb all access next year. not being able to watch the redbirds is killing me. of course if you, dear reader, want to send a $168 check in a s.a.s.e. to the home office, i’ll be happy to order it this year.
  • i am not a prophet, nor the son of a prophet, but i wouldn’t be surprised if there is a little headhunting, and perhaps a little brawl, down in tampa bay tonight.
  • as much as i dislike the guy, i would love to see clemens return to the red sox before the trading deadline. can you imagine him making one final run with the sox? that would be quite a ride! of course, he’ll probably sign with the yankees. bastard.

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