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brushback pitches

last night, while watching the cardinals pick apart the red sox one single at a time, a few semi-coherent baseball thoughts flitted through my mind. since such thoughts issued forth from a quarter of a bottle of wine fog i planned to keep them to myself, but, since michael of tennessee asked for it, here they are.

  • after the cardinals game i flipped over to the dodgers/tigers game and was caught off guard by the quality of vin scully’s commentary. vin has been with the dodgers since brooklyn, understands the visible nuances of the game like few others and, since he calls the game by himself, avoids the mind numbing banter that characterizes most broadcasting pairs. is there any reason, other than possible age discrimination, that fox chose mccarver/buck to anchor their national broadcasts? is there a more competent broadcaster in the game than scully? can we convince congress to provide an exception to the cloning legislation so that we can produce about 29 replicas of scully? i need answers…
  • to those few thousand, probably imported, idiots who booed renteria at the start of the cardinals game last night: piss off. if we had overpaid renteria we would likely be without the mulder/grudzilanek/eckstein trifecta that has paid such great dividends. show the man some frickin’ respect.
  • to pastor rick: they are still not as good as they seem, but they are getting stronger. if hampton’s injury persists and the marlins continue to struggle we may be able to hoist another banner at busch.
  • i’m not the prophet, nor the son of a prophet, but i will make this prediction. suppan will get shellacked tonight and carpenter will win the rubber game on wednesday.
  • that last part reminds me of my favorite topps trivia question ever: “How long is the pitcher’s rubber? 24 inches.” from what i heard, the writer of that question was immediately fired by topps. however, he eventually righted himself by penning a certain, highly acclaimed screen play for paul thomas anderson.
  • although i hate to admit it, derek lee deserves to start the all-star game at 1st base. pujols will get the votes, but lee deserves the start. how’s that for (painful) objectivity?
  • did the last minute, pre-draft signings of weaver and drew signal the beginning of the end for boras? i sure hope so.
  • looks like i was wrong about the As and the White Sox. sue me.
  • concerning the DL….so sorry to hear about b. roberts and c. barmes and still savoring the announcements about prior and j. gonzalez.
  • last night the red sox announcers were whining about the unfair advantage national league teams have when playing interleague games in their own park. save it. the american league and players association can celebrate the lady’s aide all they want, but the senior league will continue to eschew it.
  • does anyone care that a-rod is utilizing psychotherapy to help him come to grips with his latent homosexuality? i didn’t think so.
  • funniest announcer bio i’ve heard thus far: last night scully mentioned that j. bonderman was a member of 4-H during childhood. i wonder if bonderman’s widely reported illiteracy reflects poorly on the organization.

okay, i feel kind of bad about the last comment, but probably not bad enough to delete it. perhaps pangs of conscience will strike later. it’s not as heartless as my plans for u.s. population reduction or anything…

as always, i welcome your thoughts and opinions. mike of tennessee, i hope this makes you happy.


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