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“this stage is a confessional, you kneel and then begin. yeah, you cross yourself those three times, and step into this skin.” ~bill mallonee, anyside of anywhere

i’ve been trying to blog less at work. as much as i piss and moan about lifeway, i really love this place. who would want to loose such a golden opportunity to exploit ashley smith, pimp the purpose-driven life and commodify christ?

unfortunately such noble intentions will not keep one from sleep. blogging oftentimes will. so please allow me to piss on my commitment, crack my knuckles and pound the keyboard for a few.

confessions are funny things aren’t they? it reminds me of the first time that i entered the confessional at parochial school. after father dan called me by name, reminded me of God’s love and asked if there was anything that was keeping me from a full experience of God’s love, i responded with a simple question: “is it true that i confess anything, from smoking pot to committing murder, and you can’t tell a soul?” when he responded in the affirmative, i immediately confessed: “i was the second gunman on the grassy knoll.” this admission didn’t please father dan. in fact, i think it might have pissed him off. as i reflect on this incident thirteen years later i am embarassed about my irreverence and comforted by the fact that he couldn’t tell.

all cheek aside, i think confession is good for the soul. i don’t think you have to enter a penitential phonebooth to confess your brokenness, but you better get it done somehow. confession not only opens the door for forgiveness, it also strengthens our bonds with one another. what is most personal is most universal…indeed.

that’s a long introduction to a brief confession. but, anyway, before God, you and servers throughout this great land i would like to confess that:

  • i am much more materialistic than i would like to admit. late last week i accidentally emptied our checking account by overpaying our credit card bill by $975. as a result we have been counting pennies like never before and i have been fantasizing about purchases i wouldn’t care less about if we had the cash. “DMB has a new album out, you have to get it,” my mind insists. but, in more sane moments, i realize that their last two albums have been sub-par and when monied i have ignored the opportunity to purchase. “it’s been a long week, you deserve another bottle of castle rock pinot noir,” my tongue ecstatically spews. but, in reality i realize that my current desire to drink well and be the second coming of paul giamatti is going to be short lived.
  • now that i’m ten minutes into this, i don’t feel the least bit guilty about typing this at work. the convention demands and receives far too much of my sweet ass time anyway.
  • when my friend josh recently reminded me that another member of our seminary squad still disliked me, it didn’t bother me one bit. my whole life i have pissed 5-10% of the people in any given community off. my father once told me that sometimes when i say hello to people it sounds like “fuck you” (sorry for the curse mom. dad said it, i merely spelled it). he said this was a “gift,” but i am beginning to suspect that he was being sarcastic. anyway…i have finally learned to accept that, for some reason, i am a stench in the nostrils of some people. i am finally ok with that. i am not and never will be a people pleaser. i cannot make everyone happy. i will do my best to love, serve and listen to others, but i will not try to untangle or reshape their interpretations of me.
  • i ate a brown bear burger the other day. from what I heard, the bear who graciously provided our lunch was little more than a cub that just happened to be an inch over the required height limit. he tasted good. the rabbit breast, on the other hand, was filthy. there’s nothing like picking hair out of your cut of meat.
  • i want to run a marathon someday and maybe write a book. but that’s a secret, so don’t tell.
  • once, while working at orange julius, i blended a live cockroach into a customer’s beverage. he was a hard-up twenty-something who was trying to seduce teenage girls at the mall. i offered him the drink free of charge and do not regret what i did.
  • i would rather be ecstatic or depressed than anesthetized. yet my current emotional state could easily be characterized as the latter.
  • i am the most unimaginative internet surfer ever. i visit about fifteen blogs a couple of times a day, hit and pour over the articles at nothing less, nothing more. exotic

i am beginning to think that the commonality of our sins leads to rather banal confessions. ladies and gentlemen of the jury, “exhibit A.”


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