In Uncategorized on June 25, 2005 at 3:24 am

“that’s the way it was, and we liked it!”

two different people have told me this week that i am becoming an old man. since one of these illustrious individuals was my wife, i think there might be some truth to it.

so in honor of my prescient friends, and to blow of a little steam, i would like to share this little list. and to answer your question kid positive, i did shake my fist multiple times while typing this tirade. damn kids!

the world was a better place before:

  • blogger mucked up my font size. their “updates” also converted my old school, unimaginative font type. i don’t like it!
  • major league baseball in florida
  • the nhl invaded the confederate states
  • cell phones. yes, all of them. no exceptions
  • mochachinos, frappachinos and iced blueberry lattes
  • reality television. mr. knight, i’m with rick on this one. reality t.v. is irredeemable trash
  • simon cowell
  • jerry bruckheimer
  • nascar in new england
  • plastic surgery
  • the proliferation of suburban prostitution. girls, put away the skanky eighties skirts, the locust glasses and the baby tees and learn to cover your anorexic little asses
  • cowboy troy
  • mlb on fox
  • wal-mart
  • everything was made to break. i should be able to use my space heater or tape player for 24 hours a day for the 12 months it is under warranty. everything (with the possible exception of prophylactics) should be made for continuous use
  • gene michael was named g.m. of the yankees
  • budweiser ultra
  • southwest airlines
  • the moral majority, ralph reed and the republican right. the government, my dear friends, won’t save you
  • the democrats became cowards
  • the proliferation of alternate home and road jerseys in the mlb. white at home, grey away. i want the cubs to wear pin stripes at home, the red sox to leave their batting practice jerseys in fort myers and the cardinals baby blues to remain in static display or team photos at the hall of fame
  • karl rove
  • the wiggles
  • s.u.v.s
  • robert deniro masqueraded as a comedian. the king of comedy he is not
  • lindsay lohan
  • i posted this list

dear readers, thank you for wasting precious minutes of your precariously short lives here. i would ask you to refrain from refuting my opinions, but such an assertion would be pointless. that being said, do not expect me to change my opinions. that’s the way it was and i liked it!


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