In Uncategorized on November 28, 2005 at 1:01 pm


death is our constant. occasionally it confronts us in its chilly, final form, but more often is surprises us with its subtlety. a friendship, once treasured, unravels due to nothing so much as a lack of use. a family tradition, worn and comfortable, wears out as the atomic weight of extended family breaks us down into nuclear units. a dream once enshrined in our hearts and our heads vanishes due to a lack of industry or, perhaps even more confounding, an excess of ambition. perhaps the reason we fear corporeal death is the final act averts our attention from the innumerable fucked up scenes that comprise our ordinary lives.

we are people of the resurrection because we could not continue otherwise. as saint paul reminds us, if there is no opportunity beyond unemployment, love beyond abandonment, and life beyond our concrete crypts, we are people to be pitied.

so let us keep our eyes and hearts peeled for the resurrections that issue forth from our ordinary lives. if we have no expectation of or inclination towards these ordinary resurrections we might find it difficult to experience and, perhaps, participate in the resurrection par excellance.


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