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on doorknobs, academic deans and asherah poles

during my sojourn at soybean bible college, tom tanner, the academic dean, had a battered do-not-disturb type of doorhanger on his office door that read “praying for interruptions.” when i first saw that sign i thought it was nothing but pious tripe. however, as the years went by, and i got to know tom as more of a mentor than an administrator, i realized how clearly that sign reflected his character. tom didn’t decide to be an academic dean because he wanted prestige or was in love with the work. rather, he chose to be dean because he believed that the job would provide him with opportunities to interact with and empower other members of Christ’s body.

i really want to be more like tom. i’d love to tell you that i spend my early morning hour praying for interruptions and throughout the day i long for people to stop by my cube, connect with me via cell phone or force me out of one of my little safe spaces by stopping by the house. unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

instead of praying for interruptions, i spend my time carving, staining and zealously protecting the asherah pole of my “space.” i love my space and i know that it has a place in my life. however, i also fear that the way i idolize space is keeping me from experiencing the fullness of the Kingdom in my interaction with family, friends and foes.

so tonight i am praying for interruptions. may the Spirit give me the strength to strike down my asherah pole, so that i can dwell more fully in the sacred space that is God’s Kingdom and interact more willingly and lovingly with those i encounter along the way.

i’d also like to thank tom for his irreplaceable friendship as well as his many years of service to soybean bible college and seminary.


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