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my memoir, fourteen thousand fragments will reveal…

the chaos that ensued when i, the offspring of wizards, was adopted by muggles.

the time i was thrown out of a baseball game not for cussing the umpire, but breaking his little bandy legs.

that my four storied visits to the payne county courthouse were not really for petty misdemeanors, but for murder in the first, possession with intent to distribute, grand theft auto and assaulting officers of the law (i bested four of them in one bar brawl!).

that i’m not really a man at all, but a profiteering woman who has finally found her voice!

in all seriousness, it was one hell of a week for the memoir. we found out that author james frey fabricated the story of crack fueled confrontation that kept oprah up at night. moreover, j.t. leroy, the hardscrabble, west virginia pimp who wrote an auspiciously stunning debut wasn’t a pimp, wasn’t from west virginia and wasn’t even a man – but an ambitious, female phone sex worker.

as many have said before me, the most disturbing thing about these revelations is that the authors (and apparently oprah, who called into larry king’s show to defend frey, claiming that his blatant fabrications have apparently led millions of addicts to find “redemption”) are remarkably disinterested in the truth. apparently, since memoirs rely on memory, which is occasionally faulty, you can fabricate your past, embellish your experiences and do whatever you need to do to write a bestselling book.

so, now that truth no longer matters let me ask you, what’s in your memoir?


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