In Uncategorized on January 18, 2006 at 5:07 pm

great article, great title

good ole’ jimmy s. here at lightway clued me into a great christianity today interview that is entitled unfiltered webb. throughout this interview derek webb talks about a number of intriguing things, including his family’s decision to leave the “republichristian” ‘burbs and move into the inner city, but i was particularly intrigued with his discussion of the “filters” that christian culture imposes on artists, thinkers and simple folk like you and me. Webb tries to bypass such filters when writing songs (hence the fitting title), and, I think, the result is some of the most genuine, provocative christian music on the scene.

i also struggle to eschew such filters as well in my conversation, teaching and writing. although i might unwittingly offend, the only filter that I find worthwhile is love.

what do you think are the benefits of eschewing or embracing such filters? are there additional filters (i.e., other than love) that we should keep in mind when communicating? does scripture have something to teach us here? do you want some of this milk?


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