In Uncategorized on February 8, 2006 at 10:41 pm

memorandum from captain random

sorry that my attendance has been so spotty as of late. i’m in the process of crawling out of my narcissistic, anxious daze and back into reality. i don’t have anything of substance to say, so i’d like to offer the following memorandum.

reason #142 that i love vagabond records: watching a bald, middle-aged customer bounce his head to paul simon’s diamonds on the soles of her shoes while gaping at a spice girls poster.

cue the hallelujah chorus: only two weeks until pitchers and catchers report.

lyle lovett and john hiatt are playing an acoustic show in concord on the sixteenth. if you’re looking for an early birthday present for me, search no further.

church marquee of the month: this week’s sermon, “what kind of bible are you?”

while on a rare foray into the big city today, i realized how provincial my life has become. in the last month, i’ve only left the city limits of beverly on three occasions…and i’m completely fine with that.

i’ve almost finished philip caputo’s acts of faith. his narrative foray into the ideals, conflicts and compromises that snare western relief efforts in africa is absolutely fascinating. if you’re intrigued by the plight of the sudan, interested in missionary work or have a bleeding heart for africa, where there often seems to be “no difference between God and the devil,” you have to get your hands on this book.

i could tell you a thousand things about the last two weeks of my life, but i’ll settle for two. these past two and a half weeks have been the most difficult i’ve endured in new england. i have been carried through this process by my beautifully tenacious wife, overwhelmingly supportive family and limitless generosity of my church and friends.

i want to keep on, keepin’ on, but the four interviews i had today as well as the aforementioned foray into the big city has rendered me exhausted. know that you are loved.


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