In Uncategorized on March 7, 2006 at 9:00 pm

mid-afternoon moral dilemma

The temporary credit analyst who sits right behind you spends the whole morning in a loud, verbal wrestling match with his/her temp agency about health insurance issues. You are glad for the reprieve from the temps usual topics of conversation – which include bitching about mother, talking about food and boasting about how he/she “confronts” his/her boss, mother and circumstances – but you are frustrated by the non-stop laments about his/her inability to visit specialty doctors as well as his/her attempts to cajole your co-workers into taking his/her side on this issue.

After five hours of enduring the temp’s non-stop yammering, do you report his/her “time theft” to her superior for the good of your company as well as your own well being? Or, do you show empathy to the temp and incredible, patient, perseverance by letting the issue slide?


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