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in other news…a couple of weeks ago i mentioned that while i was well-grounded in the ecclesiolae, or local church, i was quite clueless about my role in the ecclesia. well, over the past month or so the Lord has provided a number of connections with the larger body of Christ. in the past month i have been introduced to an intriguing cast of characters including the aforementioned ben d10 – who leads a relational homechurch in atlanta, steve and chrissy h. – who are about to leave the confines of abilene christian university in order to plant relational churches in the boston area, michael m. and john d. – two forward thinking and long faithful gents with whom i hope to help start an emergent co-hort, steven from lcc – who, along with his incredibly gifted wife, have been incarnating the Kingdom in afghanistan, hank w. – who is heading up an intriguing church plant in the boston area and jason a., a passionate Christ follower who is a part of d10s crew. i am excited about partnering with these folks as together we seek to be the incarnation of God throughout the world. i desperately hope that our developing relationships as well as any work we do together will honor God and leave our personal ambitions unfulfilled.


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