In Uncategorized on May 18, 2006 at 2:36 pm


the further i follow jesus down this road of discipleship the more i realize it is the subtle epiphanies and reconciled relationships that keep me going. it’s not that ecstatic experiences of God’s presence or those moments where i’ve been surprised by his providence are unimportant. i’ve received a vision or two that required an immediate response and on at least one occasion the precariously stacked consequences of my shitty decisions literally compelled a conversion. but although those experiences set me free to wander in this wilderness they have not been my bread for the journey. rather, the latter has been provided by bitter enemies who have become my beloved, stumbling back into practices that probably wouldn’t “preach,” but sustain my soul and even the unexpected smile of a stranger on the street.

i realize that God can manifest himself in miraculous ways and am not indifferent to the major movements of the Spirit. but today i give thanks for the subtle and simple things that help me keep on keepin’ on.


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