In Uncategorized on May 22, 2006 at 2:31 pm

where i get all political

just this once, let the record show that i passionately support a policy of our 44th president george w. bush. i think his immigration plan is one of the most important, forward thinking pieces of policy that a chief executive has put forth, and congress has actually considered, in years. i agree with w. when he asserts that the guest worker program will: better help us regulate the inflow of immigrant labor, reward long-term, hard working, tax paying immigrants with an opportunity to become citizens and provide the low-cost labor that a number of our industries (including service and agriculture) need to succeed.

i also believe that his plan to assign 6,000 national guard troops to augment the border patrol is a fairly meaningless move that is merely intended to mollify his base (who, somewhat absurdly, have painted this initiative as a regan-esque amnesty), but my differences with him in this area are trifling. i truly hope that this initiative navigates this way through the house of representatives and ultimately becomes law.


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