In Uncategorized on July 26, 2006 at 4:53 pm

the state of the shit

right now, sentimental somethings is well into its peak season. i currently have more than three score voice mails begging for attention, a stack of faxes on my desk that is rivaled only by the stack that has yet to be removed from the machine and i get the sneaking suspicion that my relative inability to perform magic is frustrating sales reps and slow to pay customers alike.

in years past, such a scenario would: encourage a marathon viewing of falling down, result in a heavily damaged keyboard and force me to seek solace in a cigarette or two during my morning and afternoon breaks.

however, i am happy to report that right now i am completely unfazed by the incessant and often absurd demands of customers, the whiff of smoke is not on my fingers and i frankly do not give a (insert one of george w. bush’s favorite words here: ______) about operational issues i cannot change or sales issues that cannot be solved in due course.

so that’s the state of the shit at present. pimpin’.


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