In Uncategorized on August 11, 2006 at 2:14 pm

mid-morning time waster:

“tonight, on a very special episode…”

is it possible to hear those words without thinking about child pornography, adolescent drug abuse and unintentional comedy? over the past couple of days a few of us have been creating a list of of the creepiest very special episodes of all time. after you read our top three, take a few moments to weigh in.

1. gordon jump, the trustworthy maytag repairman and part-time bicycle shop owner introduces arnold and dudley to the wild world of pornography and somehow gets dudley to take his shirt off.*

2. webster secretly wishes that katherine’s baby would go away and then feels personally responsible when she miscarries.**

3. blair and tootie take mrs. garrett to a male strip club***

* similar very special episodes on webster (where our little friend finds out that his teacher is molesting another student and is planning to molest him next) and on facts of life (where tootie is lured into child pornography by a sneaky photographer) served to confirm our suspicions that it is downright dangerous to be a poor black kid in a white middle-class world.

** in subsequent episodes we learn that katherine didn’t really have a miscarriage, but an abortion (after she learned that she was duped duped into adopting not a needy little black kid, but a greedy little dwarf).

*** on a positive note, later interviews suggest that this tawdry episode directly contributed to lisa whelchel becoming a christian and subsequently writing a ever-growing number of priceless child training manuals for focus on the family.


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