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i’m not a smart man, but i know what a good post is*

last week uncle cade threw down his top 100 favorite pop songs on his blog. these posts were filled with wit, musical insight and one too many references to the scissor sisters. considering the genre, i can think of no higher compliment than to say that it was truly “hornby-esque.” good work roomie.

today josh brown posted eugene peterson’s stinging, prophetic indictment of the american pastorate. those of us churchmen and women who have grown cold to the Word of God, set aside proper adoration of the Lord to focus on the attraction of men and have tended to value success above obedience to Christ need to soberly consider this piece.

apparently lowery land has once again vanished from the blogosphere. raise your hand if you are surprised and cajole the loweries to write again if you see them.

i mentioned chad ragsdale’s thoughts about a proper emphasis on the great commission yesterday, but it’s so damn intriguing that i would like to mention it again today. if i read rags correctly, his central premise is that the great commission is more properly considered the result of a community that is following Jesus rather than the sole purpose of those communities’ existence. i think he’s really onto something there, but i’ll let you read and think about it for yourself.

finally, mr. mayor took some time out to visit sinners and saints last week and he has some really nice things to say about his experience. i mention this not to puff us up, but because seeing the community through his eyes has helped build me up.

damn i have smart friends, and i’m thankful for every one of them.

* my own posts excluded.


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