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when nicholas kristoff of that dirty, liberal, communist organ otherwise known at the new york times was asked “what are some ways that christians in america can encourage the growth of christianity in china?” he responded in part by suggesting that:

“Christians shouldn’t only speak up on behalf of Christians who are tortured. Falun Gong is bearing the biggest brunt of religious repression in China. It behooves the American evangelical community to speak up when Falun Gong believers are tortured or their children taken away.”

i thought this response was brilliant insofar as it both challenges christians to effectively incarnate the love of Christ and provides an intriguing road forward for the christian mission throughout the world. concerning the latter, i think that the members of falun gong would find christian advocacy much more persuasive than an effective evangecube presentation.

you can read the rest of the article by clicking here.


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