In Uncategorized on September 20, 2006 at 2:11 pm

mid-morning time waster: completely psychotic co-workers

this morning while listening to voicemails and filing paperwork at my desk, the guy who sits in the adjacent cube began aggressively berating his roommate. after he had railed about that son-of-a-bitch doing this and that motherfucker doing that he concluded by saying, “i swear i’m going to cut him up into little pieces and vacuum up the evidence.” then, as if that pronouncement wasn’t alarming enough, he concluded by proclaiming “i feel absolutely homicidal right now.”

if the same co-worker hadn’t told me two months ago that “if you hear about someone going on a homicidal spree through downtown beverly, you can be sure i’m the killer,” i suppose i could have taken this morning’s rant with a grain of salt. but as it is, i am a bit scared. if you happen to see a bullet riddled office space on CNN this evening and repeated phone calls to me go unreturned, please tell my mother i love her.

have you had any encounters with homicidal co-workers? if so, do tell.


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