In Uncategorized on October 24, 2006 at 5:00 pm

memorandum from captain random

this article is the oddest piece i have ever read on if you often find yourself wondering what ann coulter, doing “the binky” and the ingredients of conejo soup have to do with Christian discipleship, you’ll love this article.

if would rather die than have to repeat phrases like “it’s time to get your big girl panties on!,” “you have boobs” or “y’all pause for menopause” to middle aged southern women one.more.time.

tomorrow i’m heading out to chicago to join mr. simkins for a journey down the world series. be sure to look for us on FOX.* it’s your duty judy!

i was oddly intrigued by this cnn puff piece on bob newhart. i especially liked the part where he confessed: “Being a comedian,” he writes, “means you are antiauthority at heart.” that quote reminded me of dr. david wells’ warning that “the most violent thing you can do to an institution, proposition or person is to laugh at it.” i often remember that admonition from dr. wells right before i smirk and start ripping.

* i’ll be the asshole snapping a rally-towel in a random thunder-stick user’s face.


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