In Uncategorized on November 10, 2006 at 3:13 pm

jeffrey gentry: this is your life!

last night, at five minutes until five, i took a call on the customer service line. receiving such calls at five ’til five is almost always a mistake. this was no exception. this morning, i mined our electronic transcripts in order to transcribe the call. it went something like this.

jg, c.s.s.: “thank you for calling sentimental somethings this is jeff.”

customer: “hello jeff, this is deborah jo at the fuchsia feline. i am calling because…oh gawd! mr. fish! mr. fish! mr. fish! my fish just jumped out of his bowl and is wrigglin’ on the floor. oh gawd!”

jg, c.s.s.:

deborah jo:: “i’ve gotta save him, but i don’t wanna touch him. oh, oh, EWWWW! mr. fish, don’t die. don’t die.

he was so rubbery, but at least i saved him.”

jg, c.s.s.: “so are you following up on a damage claim or checking your order status?”


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