In Uncategorized on February 8, 2007 at 6:05 pm

another signpost of insanity on the path of illumination

this morning, while stuck in traffic and half-listening to morning edition i had yet another “great” idea. during next year’s haunted happenings event in the great city of salem i am going to monk up as saint francis and offer words of blessings, canticles of praise and, yes, calls for repentance to friend and foe alike.

i’m already excited about the stories i will have to read, the texts i’ll have to memorize and the mud i’m going to smear on my bare legs and burlap wrap in order to pull this pietistic piece of performance art off. i hope that, with just a little more training dizzy can stand in as the wolf of gubbio and i’m hoping that someone signs on to play clare.

for the record, i think this certifies that i am on the precipice of spiritual insanity. i would like to accuse the Spirit of God of inciting such ideas and pastor phil wyman of encouraging me to live them out.


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