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memorandum from captain random

question: if you walk the dog at different time, in a different place, could you wake up a different person?

“i am a straight up, hard-core facist. facism is perfect, it’s perfect. think about it, you enslave people and send them out to build the GDP and if they don’t succeed you send them out to fight a war. facism is beautiful. it’s perfect.”

the preceding political rant was brought to you by:

a) heinrich himmler
b) dwight schrute
c) hooper x, my evening supervisor
d) robert paulsen

for some reason, i really want to see knocked up sooner rather than later. i’m not only interested in this comedy because it provides a humorous perspective on an epic experience in my near past, but also because i think jud apatow is brilliant. one reviewer said that apatow’s comedies, which include the forty year old virgin as well as the tv series freaks and geeks and undeclared, are remarkably traditional stories that unfold in a slightly perverse setting. i can only hope that someone will someday say the same about my preaching.


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