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i’ve been thinking a lot lately about: the deeply meaningful yet not quite fulfilling employment accompaniment work i’ve been doing at rectangle; the quirky and potentially viral nature of a-institutional, incarnational structures such as the home church; and the suspicion that i – along with pix, pres and diz – will eventually be plugged back into the evangelical matrix.

anyway, upon this journey i’ve been nourished by a number of conversations with close friends and, more recently, provoked by a couple of assertions i’ve stumbled across on the web. here are the aforementioned quotes. if they incite any ideas within you, feel free to drop a comment below.

“A church, much like any other organization (which is what we are even at a local level, whether you like the term or not) needs its balance of dreamers and managers. The dreamers have high ideals and flowery language on their side. After all, who would disagree with the dream of creating a Jesus-loving environment. But in my meager experience, dreamers without managers are bound to suffer from limited efficiency, frustrated partners, and plenty of rhetoric without follow-through. This is especially true of any church plant that desires to grow beyond the living room/coffee shop phase. Good leaders can be methodical without becoming mechanical and spiritual without becoming lazy.” – professor chad ragsdale, as buried in the comments on

In Canada there are close to 24 million people who do not have a personal relationship with Christ!…Canadians dying without Christ: 165,000 souls each year” – jim tune on the impact canada home page.


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