In Uncategorized on August 6, 2007 at 6:06 pm

words of wisdom, quotable quotes

when i received a personal update email from a close friend this morning, i was amazed by the following quote. i would like to say more, but i really need to get to work:

“I have been thinking about the fact that we idolize ministry among the “marginalized.” We want to minister to these folks because that’s who Jesus was especially concerned about… but even in our churches we want them on the margins. We don’t want to give them the microphone… at least not for more than a quick 2-5 minute testimony. The rest of the time we want someone “educated,” “balanced” and “together” up front, keeping order. But real ministry among the “marginalized” makes you marginalized! It is messy and unruly and uneducated and emotional and gutsy and shabby and embarrassing. It’s hard to be in fellowship with those who are hard-core, right wing republican / homophobic and loud about it! Ugh! What do we do? Stay and give? Stay and be embarrassed and frustrated?”



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