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mid-morning time waster: theological threads

today, due to 6 – 12 inches of snow in the hub, i am off of work. so i’m spending the day with little p, continuing to prep for my hebrew course and thinking up ideas for inappropriate christian t-shirts.

the shirt that’s pictured above is currently available from lark news for $17.99. i’d love to pick it up for the pix, but, seeing as i’m broke, in lieu of such purchases i am going to produce my own christian t’s instead. so, here are a few slogans i’m currently considering. i am entrusting cade with the task of visual design, but where i have ideas, i’ve offered them.

1. “seduced by sunday school”*
2. “if you’re looking to homer, i’m your gomer”
3. “MK and Awkward”
4. i’m the s _ _ _ solomon warned you about**
5. this shirt wouldn’t have a slogan, but would feature an open Bible on the front and a smoking bowl*** on the back****

as always, your submissions are welcome.

* this text would be super imposed on one of those trashy lady silhouettes that adorn truck stops and are featured on these threads.
*** of course, the bowl i’m talking about here would come from a “tobacco pipe.”
****i think the .09% of the population who would understand this shirt would absolutely love it.


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