In Uncategorized on February 16, 2008 at 11:54 pm

overheard: welcome to heritage u.s.a. II!

i just clicked over to to check in on the happenings in jupiter and was blessed to see that brother jim bakker is celebrating the dedication of heritage u.s.a. II! brother bakker has long since repented of his embrace of the prosperity gospel, but fortunately god has still seen fit to provide him with another sprawling ministry center which not only features affordable, god-breathed real estate, a beautiful enclosed shopping center that features “italianate store facades and condo balconies” and a magnificent chapel from which the word of god will be gloriously transmitted six times a week!

anybody interested in splitting a heritage u.s.a. II lifetime partnership with me? i’ve heard that for only $1,000.00 we can stay at one of the new italian style condos for up to four weeks a year!

seriously, i hope if/when the sulfur o’ sodom falls, heritage u.s.a. II is ground zero. this wonderful new work of god makes me sick to my stomach and ashamed to be an evangelical christian. read some of the testimonies in stltoday’s article of the former “lifetime partners” who lost $1,000.00 in forfeited “lifetime partnership” dues when heritage I collapsed, yet are all fired up and eager to invest in bakker’s new work. i suppose one will never go broke underestimating the intelligence of bible belt christians. grrr…


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