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questions concerning evangelism
submitted by slowfo

Here’s something I wonder…..what if, other than faraway tribes that really haven’t heard this Jesus story, the Church should really just put the whole evangelism thing into a much lower gear. I was just thinking about the context of the whole “spread the good news” thing the other day and was simultaneously trying to visualize a world without TV, internet, cell phones, radios, etc. let alone a decent postal system.

I mean, if Jesus was a brand new story during the 1st Century and I didn’t have any of those means of communication, then hell yes….spread the good news!! Tell everyone! Make it quick too! Hurry!! Go, go, go! It’s NEW news. But, I don’t think Paul, Peter, or John, originally had any idea that we would one day be able to communicate instantly with people on the other side of the globe…….otherwise if they were living today, they might think “Alright, good. The Word’s out. Now let’s just live as Jesus lived and see how He draws people to Himself through us.”

I’m not saying that Jesus is worn-out news, dull news, or irrelevant news for today’s world but it definitely isn’t NEW news – especially for people in the United States. So I just wonder, should we still treat it like it’s NEW news?? Or is it time to just put it in a lower gear on the evangelism and in a higher gear on living Jesus’ love to others? Maybe more of an attitude of “Look, you all know about Jesus….I’ll just leave it to you to decide whenever you want….meantime, I’m gonna just do my thing and care for the poor, feed the hungry, etc…….and we’ll all watch and see how Jesus changes the world one person at a time.” I dunno…..just thinking.


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