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Truth or Convenience
submitted by: slowfo

The American Church is not really interested in truth as much as they claim. In many respects, the truth is only sought out when it’s convenient and comfortable for everyone – making “The Church” just like everyone else in the world. It’s safe to talk about truth in Church……just don’t start itemizing everything, okay? Because you’ll have Betty confessing she told a fib. Conner saying that he speeds too much. But there’s always Cliff in the joint who confesses his sexual trysts with octogenarians and it just ruins it for everyone.

Although God sees sin as sin, people definitely don’t. But I think it’s truthful confession that could really make Church more of the life-changing journey it was meant to be. Confession. No holds barred confession of sin. At least the Catholic Church continues their confession booths with the priests. But what about Protestants? The best we seem to do is “Honestly……it’s hard for me to say this…..(voice cracking)…I really struggle with pride sometimes at work.” Whoa, that’s an earth-shattering revelation! Did one of your employees just hear that? Because “proud” is probably not what they would call you. It would probably be more like “self-centered, stingy, greedy, ego-maniac who just bought himself a $1.5 million house with cash while the rest of the faithful employees live on below-poverty wages.”

Those sinned against don’t have problems specifically calling out wrong-doing. It’s the perpetrators (which includes all of us) that don’t want to be held accountable by anyone. And for that matter, who does want their personal grossness aired for the public? But it’s a different thing if everyone is candidly sharing the very real sin they’ve done for the week.

Imagine, what would it be like if people came together and could admit that they need help? Together they sought God and the support of other strugglers. They fully confessed ALL of their sin as a matter of cleansing. Everyone was held accountable to take real steps of healing in their broken relationships. And every week they celebrated the growth they took together. Can you imagine how freeing the Church could become? (sigh)…..oh well, I don’t see the Church changing that anytime soon. I guess we’ll just leave that sort of healing to the 12-step groups, huh?


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