In Uncategorized on June 10, 2008 at 4:25 pm

mid-day time waster

last week gm reported that due to slumping sales of trucks and suvs it will be shutting 3 assembly plants in the near future. some reports indicate that these plant closures may herald the beginning of the end for the hummer brand.

as we eagerly await the eradication of one of the most striking symbols of conspicuous consumption in this great land of ours, i think we should help gm generate generate some spin concerning the upcoming liquidation of their h2s and h3s. thus, if you could help me complete the following pithy, proleptic press release, i’m sure that the execs at gm would appreciate it.

“today, gm announced plans to disburse its remaining inventory of hummer vehicles by:

a) filling them with sand and strategically placing them on levees throughout the upper midwest.”
b) shipping them to sunni sheiks throughout iraq in order to ensure the success of the military surge.”
c) sinking them off the coast of new jersey in yet another attempt to create a productive artificial reef.”
d) donating them to high schools throughout the country so that they can continue the grand homecoming tradition of smashing a car for charity.”
e) your disbursement idea here: “


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