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overheard: slowfo shares this man’s insecurities

pipe down, beantown
by: mark bechtel

SARTRE WROTE that “hell is other people,” but if he had spent less time eating croissants in Paris cafes and more time downing wings in sports bars, he probably would have written that “hell is other fans.” All fans are insufferable to those who don’t have an affinity for the same team; being forced to listen to, say, a Kansas City Royals buff regale you with the exploits of rookie shortstop Mike Aviles is no better than listening to a grandmother go on and on about her little darling’s toilet training.

That said, there’s one group of “other fans” that stands out in its tediousness. Think Matt and Ben. Think Sweet Caroline. Think Sartre pronounced without the r’s.

Yes, we’re talking about Boston fans.

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