In Uncategorized on July 10, 2008 at 4:31 pm


i hesitate to admit this, but lately i’ve been pursuing hypermiling as a personal discipline. i am not by nature a very patient or passive person. thus, driving no faster than 62 and confining myself to the right-hand lane has been a real challenge for me.

although i’m only in the second week of this initiative, i have already realized that this expression of intentional slowing is leading me towards greater depths of personal reflection and prayer. i am constantly flagellating myself for failing to demarcate enough time for solitude, prayer, journaling and spiritual development. moreover, since i most often encounter the Other in the midst of such practices, i think that a fair amount of the self-condemnation is deserved. however, hypermiling is reminding me that in addition to reaching out in silence, i also need to pursue holiness and communion in the midst of the ordinary activities of my day.

so i guess hypermiling is an effective treatment for my incipient gnosticism. who would have guessed?


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