In Uncategorized on October 22, 2008 at 9:35 pm

just wondering…
by: pixie

You know how all those young teen couples that find themselves pregnant and claim, “We only had sex that one time. We swear.” and a lot of us wonder at the odds of every teen couple getting impregnated the very first time.* You also know how sometimes Scripture mentions one instance as representative of multiple instances? Well, all this makes me wonder about the story of Lot & his daughters**. First, how drunk do you have to be to NOT know you’re having sex with your daughter and if you are that drunk does the equipment still work? Second, how does this happen again with the 2nd daughter? And finally, how possible is it that both girls got knocked up the very first time? I know they were scheming to get pregnant but do you really think that the ancient Israelites had the ovulation/menstruation schedule down to a medical science? I doubt they were saying to each other, “Hey, I’m ovulating today. Let’s get Dad drunk!” Maybe they did but is there also a possibility that Scripture just mentions the one time as representative of the whole? Just saying…..

*Granted recent films such as Knocked Up & Juno support this idea….
**I have to say that this Bible story perplexes me more than many others.


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